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Super Trip Planning

Super Trip Planning
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Super Trip Worksheet

Getting Started

There are two ways to think about Super Trip

  1. Think of a cool place to go, then research what kind of activities are available
  2. Think of an outdoor activity (or activities) you want to do and find good places to do it (them).

To find out what is out there

If you have a destination in mind, try "Outdoor Adventure your destination" in Google.


Once you have a destination and some activities in mind, you need to get down to the details. Crew members will want to know the approximate cost, what we will do, and what we will see before they make a decision.


Overall costs should be under $1000 for a domestic trip, under $2500 for an International trip.

Airfare: You can use Expedia or Travelocity to get an idea about flight costs, but do not count on the lowest cost. These are usually only available for a few seats.

Gas: If we are driving, or renting vans after we fly somewhere, we will need to buy gas. How much driving are we doing and how much does gas cost?

Lodging: Camping or hostels? It depends where we are going. When figuring a per person cost don't count on having a full campsite. If we have 14 people and the campsites hold 8 each, we will need two sites.

Food: Don't forget we need to eat!

Other: Allow at least $100 per person for extra expenses like the trip T-shirt, DVD, trip insurance (international), tolls, showers, etc. Add another $100 for emergencies. It's always better to give back some money at the end then to come up short.


Include some inexpensive activities like hikes, some adventure activities like rafting, and some sightseeing. Be sure to include costs for each. Also, pay attention to how far apart activities are. Include some options and their prices. If you work out a rough schedule, it will be easier for the group to imagine what the trip would be like.


For the presentation you become the salesperson for the trip. What makes place/ things you've chosen special? If you have pictures, share them. Include:

The best presentations in the past have been in a booklet, like a school report, with print outs of vendors, activities, places, and sights. They included a proposed schedule and cost. I could see a power presentation also working well.