Venture Crew 27
Crew 27 has outdoor adventures

Getting Ideas for Outings

Planning an Outing

Step 1:

At a meeting, tell the crew about your idea for an outing. See if others are interested in the outing. Get the approval of the advisors. If the crew has already expressed an interest in the outing and you volunteered to organize it - skip this step.

Step 2:

Find out the costs, times offered, and any restrictions. Pick a proposed date for the outing.

Step 3:

Present your information and proposed date to the crew. When you present your information to the crew, be sure to bring your calendar. The date may have to be changed if there are conflicts, and you want to be sure you can go on the day or days selected. At least two advisors must be willing and able to go on any outing, one advisor must be female and one male.

Step 4:

Once a date has been selected, times and final costs need to be determined. You will get help from the advisors with this. Then you must put together an email telling the whole crew what, why, where, when, and how much. Ask for RSVP's. Have a deadline for turning in the money. Send your email to the Advisor. He/she will check it over and then send out a copy to everyone. You will also present the information at meetings.

Step 5:

Keep track of who is going. As the final deadline approaches, send out reminder emails (through the advisor) and maybe even call people if you haven't heard from them. Give a list of the people going to the treasurer so they can be sure that everyone pays. Make sure there is enough room in the cars.

Step 6:

Work with the advisors to put together a pack and/or equipment list. Email it out.

Step 7:

Enjoy the trip. Make sure some pictures are taken for the photo album. When you get back have someone who went write a short, upbeat paragraph about the trip and email it to the advisor for distribution, the website, and the Troop/Crew newsletter. Telling people about events they missed helps keep them connected to the crew and makes the crew stronger.

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