Venture Crew 27
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Back Packing Meals

Should be quick to re-hydrate, no cans, little packaging, taste good at home

Put in a zip lock freezer bag to contain trash and to allow for adding hot water.

Dinner General meal

Hot Carbohydrate + protein + veggie + dessert

pasta + chicken + carrots + oreos

potatoes + tuna + carrots and celery + cookies

couscous + salmon + veggie crisps + rice krispie treats

Best Pasta types

Lipton Pasta Sides (check the time needed, under 10 min OK)
Lipton Pasta Sides - Creamy Chicken, Fettuccini In A Creamy Chicken Flavored Sauce, 4.2 oz

Foil Pouch Meats

Chicken Tuna

Pork Salmon Steak Vegan

Best Potato type



A hot meal is the best on the trail. Cold cereal or breakfast bars are not very satisfying and don’t warm you up. Flavored instant oat meals are a big hit for youth.

Quaker instant oatmeal & hot chocolate

Many adults prefer whole oats & dried fruit (cranberries or blueberries) + nuts(almonds or pine nuts)

Rolled oats & dried cranberries & hot apple cider

Lunch on the Trail

Simple, no cook, high nutrition, not easily crushed (like pita or tortilla)

tortilla pita

Fill in with PBJ, or Foil meat or hard salami & hard cheese + snack

PBJ Salami cheese snack & Trail mix