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Frisbeeganza and Christmas Tree Lot, Nov.. 23, 2012
By Sam
Reaching for the frisbee

This last year's Frisbeeganza was a big event for us! The participation for the event has been down over the last couple of years, but this year we had a large group come in from a Mormon crew in the area, a few from another crew and some from the Troop. We had some real competition in which a few of our usually very lax crew members came to life and competed hard until the very end. Everyone left having worn themselves out and with some new friends.

We left Frisbeeganza after lunch and helped the council at their yearly Christmas tree lot fundraiser. This year we even had a few younger folks helping out at the lot and making the work go much faster than it otherwise would have. We set the lot up in record time and had a lot of fun putting bases on trees and setting the trees up all over the lot. It was a great year and we sold several trees even during the relatively short period we were there.

Scuba, Nov. 3, 2012
By Emily
Leaving the water In November in 2012 the Ventures went on a Scuba trip to Monterey Bay. The people who attended were Ryan, Annie,Sam,Roger,and Emily. At the Scuba store, there were instructors who showed an instructional video about Scuba Diving and discussed the rules. After getting everyone's suits on, we headed out to the water with our air tanks and flippers. In the water an instructor tested that people could swim to the bottom and back up. Once everyone completed the test we all dived down and saw some interesting sea life such as coral, starfish, jellyfish, crabs, and fish. We were in the bay for about 3 hours and were tired when we came back. Roger got sick with the flu and had to go home. Overall it was a very fun trip and we saw some pretty cool things.
Halloween Party, Oct. 27, 2012
By Emily
Toilet paper mummyThe Venture Crew’s Halloween Party was on Saturday, October27th, 2012. We all came dressed up in a variety of costumes, some of which glowed under Gary Aden’s blacklights. The games we played were: find the M&Ms in the whipped cream pie, Mummify Mat and Mr. Frydenlund,and eating donuts on a string with no hands. The Giants were playing in the World Series and the game was interesting to watch. Another game we played was Apples to Apples. During the night there was plenty of good sweet food and fun things to do. In the end, the giants won one of the games and it was great to cheer on our home team. The night was full of fun games and we had a fun time.
Yosemite, Oct. 12-14, 2012
By Cece
Half DomeYosemite was a fantastic trip filled with exciting adventures. As a crew we went hiking up to Vernal Falls. We saw a gorgeous valley and incredibly soaring mountains. Besides hiking we also went to a Native American exhibit. It was truly neat observing how they lived in their teepees. We then went to “Old Village”. It was fascinating looking at the old sidewalks that bordered the old town. Although the buildings in the little town were torn down or moved there was a church that has survived. It was truly beautiful. Later that night we had a burrito bar and two pineapple-upside-down cakes. The cakes were deliciously mouth watering, and the burrito bar was full of options that fulfilled the hunger of a thousand men. Later that night we went to Glacier Point. We saw a mass of haunting glittering lights that filled the valley floor and lay out under the diamonds of the night sky. We then were told folk tale of those pondering constellations that sat in the night sky. Yosemite was truly breathtaking, a weekend to remember.
Climb and Shoot, Sept. 29-30, 2012
By Kat
Climbing in the gymOn the last weekend of September, Venture Crew 27 went to climb at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym in Santa Cruz. We climbed all day and had a few people make it up the Chimney quickly, a straight shoot up with few hand and footholds. After climbing, we went and camped at Henry Cowell State Park for the night and drove to Los Altos Gun Range the next morning. Kat, Christy, and Cece attempted to qualify for Ranger with Shooting Sports but were unable to make it; better luck next time! All in all, it was a great outing and one we should repeat soon.
Whitewater Rafting, Aug. 11-12, 2012
By Roger
Class III rapidIt was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Atop a 30ft rock staring at the ice cold 40 degree abyss that awaits all those brave enough to take that oh so long, leap of faith. The rapids where unforgiving, reinforced by the requirement of cranial protection that sits on top of your dome. All those that grew up with a few screws loose, which we soon found out was almost everyone, rode on the front of the raft as if it were a bucking bronco and the 8 second water rodeo must be claimed for pride’s sake. Food fit for kings was begotten when night came; delicious foods sourced from lands far and wide, dumped so shamelessly into a cauldron of slop that would satisfy the taste of even the most Italian chefs. For all those who’s metal was not tested… a competition of swim was required…and past by all the green warriors of the clan. On this weekend…FUN WAS HAD! FUN WAS TAKEN!!!!

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