Venture Crew 27
Crew 27 has outdoor adventures

Who we are

Venturing Crew 27 is located in San Mateo, California in the Redwood District of the Pacific Skyline Council of the Boy Scouts of America. We were founded in 1999 and are one of the oldest continually running Venture Crews in the country.

Boys and Girls age 14 (or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade) through age 20 are eligible to join. We offer every youth who comes into our crew the chance to have fun while learning skills and experiencing personal growth that will last a lifetime. Our objective is that all youth participating in our crew feel they have had a challenging, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Things to know about the Crew

Canoeing the Green River

Youth-led Crew: Mentored by adult advisors, crew members choose and plan for all outings, service projects, social events, and Super Trip.

BSA Quality Unit: We consistently achieve the BSA Quality Unit status.

Outdoor adventure outings 12 months of the year: Generally hiking, climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, shooting, canoeing, orienteering as well as service projects. The choice of outing is made by the youth. Most outings include camping.

Social Events: In addition to outdoor outings, crew members can chose to plan and have social events. Our Halloween Party has been an annual favorite, but we have also had picnics, game nights, a trip to the Grand National Rodeo, and various tours of cultural or historic interest.

Build a camp: We provide support for the Troop 27 week-long summer camp by helping build the camp from scratch on a high Sierra lake.

Super Trip: Goes on a trip each year for 10 days to 2 weeks. Past trips were: 2000 Nordjamb (International Jamboree) Iceland, 2001 Shasta, 2002 San Juan Islands, 2003 Australia, 2004 British Columbia, 2005 NorCal-Oregon, 2006 NordJamb Iceland. 2007 Oregon, 2008 Sierras, 2009 Oahu Hawaii, 2010 Pacific Northwest, 2011 Southern Utah, 2012 Costa Rica, 2013 Yellowstone, 2014 NorCal-Oregon, 2015 Alaska, 2016 Arizona/Utah

Community service: Giving back to our community, sponsor, and scouting is an important part of our program. We have:

Awards: Boys and girls who are already in a scouting program are welcome the stay in that program and also do Ventures.