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Pancake Breakfast, Feb. 11

Fund raiser for our annual Super Trip

Ziplining, Feb 24th

Fly through the redwood trees at Mt Herman Adventure Park in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Treasure Hunt, March 10

V27 plans, prepares, and runs a Treasure Hunt for Troop 27.

Beach Cleanup at Mussel Rock Beach, March 24

Help make the environment healthier with this service project.

Camporee, April 6-8


Horseback Riding and Camping, April 28-29th

Ride up to the Inverness ridge, seeing views the Olema valley as you pass through bay wood groves. Return through a birch and alder forest along peaceful Olema creek. Camping at Camp Tamarancho

Skills Weekend, May 12-13

Up your game with a weekend of camping and skills building.

Grave Decoration, May 26

Honor those that served their country by placing flags on the graves of veterans at Skylawn Cemetery.

Family Camp and Skills Outing, Folsom Lake, May 26-28

Join with Troop 27 to build scout, camping, and canoe skills.

Super Trip June 9-21
New Zealand

New Zealand offers so much to see, from Lord of the Ring sites to amazing geothermal features to caves with bioluminescence to Maori cultural sites.

And so much to do. We will hike, kayak, raft, snorkel, soak in hot springs, luge, and zorb.

Recent Events

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Klondike Derby, Jan. 27-28
By Callie

Coming Soon...

Shotgun Shooting, Dec. 9
By Emma

On the 9th of December (a Saturday) we went shotgun shooting at a range near Marin. It was incredibly fun-- I'm personally against hunting animals for sport and not food, but as a sport with non-living targets it's amazingly fun to feel that power in your hands. I had heard from others about pain and bruises in their shoulders afterward, but I only felt an eager buzzing for more. The absolute satisfaction as you pull the trigger and hit your target is astonishing as you feel that hard kickback punch backwards into your body. Each station had two targets coming from different directions in different ways, and we went to quite a few different stations. All in all, it was a very enjoyable activity.

Caroling, Dec. 8
By Pat

Crew members, crew leaders, crew alumni, family and friends came together for our annual caroling at Brookside Skilled Nursing Hospital. With a guitar, a violin, a few excellent singers and some enthusiatic bell ringers, we sounded great.

Fencing, Dec. 2
By Allie

We went fencing at Stanford University. We got to wear a fencing uniform and use fencing swords. We were taught the basic moves and practiced with each other. We then spent the rest of the time fencing with each other. It was really fun and we would love to do it again.

Service Project - Council Christmas Tree Lot, Nov. 22
By Pat

The crew spent the morning helping our Boy Scout Council setup the Christmas Tree lot, which is a fund raiser for the Council. We moved, cut, watered, and "fluffed" the trees.

Archery and Climbing, Nov. 11-12
By Allie

On Saturday we went to the Kings Mountain​ Archery Range. There we walked on a trail shooting at different targets. We shared many great laughs.​ After camping at Coyote Lake we went to Pacific Edge Indoor Climbing Gym.​ We learned how to belay and how to set ourselves up for climbing.​We then climbed and had a lot of fun.

Horseback Riding, Oct. 14-15
By Allie

We went horseback riding by the water on Monterey Bay at a Salinas River Beach. The horses were really nice and our experience was really fun. Some of the horses were afraid of the water and some loved the water. It was a great bonding experience for all of us and we all made some really fond memories with each other. Then we camped at Mt. Madona County Park.

Mercer Cavern, Sept. 9-10
By Allie

We went on an outing to Mercer caverns near Angels Camp. The cavern was a relatively small cavern compared to others around. It had a few formations that were very rare and really pretty. The campsite we stayed at had a pool and an emu that had really big red eyes. We all had fun on this trip and we hope to do it again.

Tomales Bay Kayak, Aug. 26-27
By Mick

This weekend we went to Tomales Bay for a kayaking trip. The drive there was two hours but it went by really fast because we were having fun. When we first got there we unpacked the car of all the stuff. We then played a super fun game of catch with a football. After about thirty minutes of Football we decided to go to the beach there was shallow water. We could walk in the water without getting too wet. When we got back we setup to make dinner. For dinner we had beef stir-fry that was to die for. After dinner we started getting ready for bed because we had to get up early. We slept under the stars just a tarp and sleeping bag it was beautiful.

When we woke up we ate eggs for breakfast, cleaned up our camp site, and hit the road to go kayaking in Tomales Bay. When we got there we got our life jackets picked a kayak and got out on the water. It was a perfect day for kayaking. While we were on the water we saw lots of wildlife.  We saw many different types of birds, clams, and coral. Some of us saw sting rays as well. It was really cool. After about an hour and a half we got back to shore and ate some sandwiches for lunch. When we were done eating we headed to Mount Tamalpais and hiked up the mountain which took us about 45 minutes. There was a gorgeous view at the top of the mountain that made the hike completely worth it. Once we got back to the bottom we drove back home. This weekend was an adventure none of us will soon forget.

Super Trip, June 10-19
By Jan

Crew member exiting GulerIce CaveNarrative of our trip with pictures

Family Camp, Folsom Lake, May 27-29
By Allie

For me, Family Camp was a great way to get to know Troop 27 as well as my Venture Crew. I love kayaking and that was really fun to experience with my new friends. Almost all of the activities we did were with Troop 27 and I thought that was great. I liked all the bonding I shared with everyone else like the taco dinner we all ate together, or the follow-the-leader canoe adventure.

Most of the meals I ate were at the Venture campsite. We had chicken and mashed potato our first night and french toast that next morning. We then had sandwich fixings for lunch and a taco dinner with everybosy else that night. The next morning we had pancakes, which are somewhat hard to fix on a propane stove, and then again sandwich fixings that afternoon. There is nothing at all I would change about any of the meals I had. They wree all delicious.

I think Family Camp is a great way to get to know the people around you and experinece something new. If I have the chance to go to Family Camp again next year, I will definitely go.

Mt Madonna, May 6-7
By Josh

This weekend, we went to Mt. Madonna to camp overnight. We had beans and hamburgers for dinner and built a fire to roast s'mores. While we roasted the marshmallows, we sang campfire songs such as Drunken Sailor and Bring Back My Bonnie To Me. I camped outside without a tent along with Percy and Allie. At around 5:30 am, we all got up to go on a sunrise hike. When we got back, we made baggie eggs and played kubb, a game in which you throw sticks at blocks. I had fun on this outing and am looking forward to SuperTrip.

Ropes Course, April 2
By Percy

On the Second of April, the Crew woke up ready to be in the trees. We went to the Sequoia Aerial Adventure Course at Mt Hermon to safely goof-off on a bunch of man-made obstacles 80ft in the air. A couple of us went head to head with a fear of heights and pushed our limits just a tad outside of our comfort zone. We ended our outing with a bungee jump with a 15-foot "free-fall". The Crew has done this outing once before, and it was even better the second time around. The question is, would we do this again? The answer is to be shown on the faces of the Crew and their utter delight, thrill, and adrenaline inducing happiness of the outing.

Treasure Hunt, March 11
By Pat

Treasure Hunt is an event that the crew plans and creates for Troop 27. The theme this year was Zombie Attack. Patrols competed to find the cure and then deliver it to victims before they became zombies forever. Troop members needed to use scout skills, teamwork, and leadership to succeed before it was too late.

Archery, February 26
By Percy

In February, the Crew went out to learn Archery from Kings Moutain Archery in Woodside. We spent the first part of the day learning everything from what type of bow we were using to how to stand correctly to making our arrows hit the target. The second half of the day we went on the shooting trail which was a giant loop filled with targets from different shooting ranges. Kind of like playing 18 holes of golf, except with supervised and controlled weapons. We tested our skills against our fellow scouts to outshoot one another and got in a great hike and amazing views to boot. We finished our day with a giant thank you to the Kings Moutain Archers and with very sore arms.

Klondike Derby, Jan 28-29
By Mayeul

The trip to Klondike was pretty smooth, it only took 2 to 3 hours before we started seeing snow. Once we got there we unloaded all our gear and got started on our snow shelters. It took awhile to finish constructing them, however the satisfaction paid off the work. For dinner we all sat around a makeshift table and seats we made by carving snow. Everyone slept fine and no one's shelter collapsed. After we woke up, we ate breakfast, participated in the Klondike Derby, and prepared to return home. Everything went smoothly and we got back home on time.

Wilderness First Aid, Jan 21
By Pat

After taking an online course and test, we spent an entire day practicing everything we had learned. In the morning we honed our diagnostic and treatment skills with different first aid discussion scenarios, then practiced bandaging and carries. The most challenging part was in the afternoon when we did live action first aid scenarios. It was a long day, but we learned a lot.

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